We provide staking and validator services for crypto networks. Our completely trustless setups mean you control your crypto. We host full nodes and voting wallets, provide maintenance, and take care of any updates.

We have both a deep understanding of blockchain platforms and systems engineering experience. We're active participants in blockchain communities and known for our contributions. Check out Tools Page for more details.

We have skin in the game. We are long term investors and stakers just like you. We stake our tokens using our pools to ensure we all have aligned interest.

Our Pools


What is Semux: Semux is an experimental high-performance blockchain platform that powers decentralized applications. It designed to be autonomous, open source, and driven by the community.

Annual staking yield: +38.42%

Project age: 1+ year of Mainnet.

How to stake: you can start staking Semux just in few clicks via GUI wallets. Follow instructions in our pool: semux.info/pool

semux pool


What is Decred: Decred is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency with a strong focus on community input, open governance, and sustainable funding for development. It utilizes a hybrid Proof-of-Work (PoW) and Proof-of-Stake (PoS) mining system to ensure that a small group cannot dominate the flow of transactions or make changes to Decred without the input of the community.

Annual staking yield: +11.32%

Project Age: 3+ years of Mainnet.

How to stake: you can start staking Decred easily via Decrediton wallet, follow the instructions here: stakepool.dcrstats.com

decred pool